Dr. Doogie Howser (doogie_houser) wrote in mbp_institution,
Dr. Doogie Howser

matt__lovato. you have admitted to pissing on your cousin's face and placing his shit on your head. no. it's not even that you did it and it's on tape. you admitted to it. something is very wrong with you. plus the fact that you are even related to tony proves you are insane by association.

winona__ryder. you are a sucessful actress in hollywood and yet you went and stole clothing. and. got. caught. then you said it was for a movie role. in court it came out that you have your medicine cabinet in your pursue. we have more meds for you here and you don't even have to steal them.

brittany_murphy. you were way to convincing in girl, interrupted...as was your co-star above to be completely sane. plus you go through more guys than anna nicole smith goes through pickles, not that it is really a bad thing but you had some fling with eminem and look at his track record.

lopez_j. you talk to hookers at bus stops and learn their sayings, you should write "the hookers' book life-long lessons" to make more money. ben's beard is you and you've done how many movies with him now? you cuddle and kiss and bite and lick and spank each other in public and you are not really together, you would have to be insane to put up with that.

mrkilborn. you make entries like "To _____, With Love" which makes us feel like we're reading some story out of chicken soup from the soul or something. you may not be insane but your big words hurt our small, drug-damaged brains and have driven some to insantity so we are locking you up and only allowing you out to do your late late show because that is amusing.
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