Dr. Doogie Howser (doogie_houser) wrote in mbp_institution,
Dr. Doogie Howser

angiejolie. wow. we somehow skipped you in the first drafting. you are more insane than your two co-stars added previously. not that we need to explain, but we will. you married billy bob thorton and you carried his blood around your neck when it should have been his head. or something else twisted and worn into some sort of necklace. you asked to have your boobs smaller in the sequel to your Lara Croft movie. you married billy bob thorton, do you need more?

seanj_combs. you are the only person who dated j lo and didn't marry her but you WANTED to. you make people who work for you bring you cheesecake that you have no intention of actually eating. you changed your name to "p. diddy" because of the baggage connected to "puff daddy". um, you didn't fool us, we still know it's you. also, you did two versions of "i need a girl" when your desperation was noted after the first version. sad man.

l_presley. you married michael jackson. you married michael jackson. you married michael jackson. you allowed him to make a show of his kissing you in front of millions of people and then turned away once he was done and laughed. you were naked in a video with him. you were married to him, for a while. if you weren't insane then, you are now.

christina_a. you vanished from the face of the earth for a couple years and came back a completely different person. you were no longer a sweet, little girl called christina who dated bisexual back-up dancers that instructed young females to dump guys like eminem, you re-emerged as xtina, the ghetto female who has a craving for black guys that tells people that they are beautiful even if they let moths eat their clothing and get a little dirrty with eminem once in a while. you are hot but insane.
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