Dr. Doogie Howser (doogie_houser) wrote in mbp_institution,
Dr. Doogie Howser

willa_ford. you've confessed to pulling your own hair when you are angry. it reminded us of some movie where some chick went crazy although we are too stoned to remember which one it was. mommie dearest or something. plus you almost requested to be here, therefore you are here.

tysonritter. you just got a tattoo of an electrical socket on your arm. adding to your past behavior, your past entries, it is thought that you may be insane but now we are wondering if you are just legally retarded and misunderstood.

nick_valensi. your last few updates have disturbed us. we thought you, like your bandmate, may be retarded but we think your obsession for britney spears combined with the influence of all american rejects has finally sent you over the edge.

sliminem. *calls, waits, leaves voicemail message*. you like to talk about killing people in songs instead of killing people in the streets like normal rappers. you surround yourself with women and by doing this we insist if you aren't insane yet, it will come about in only a few days.

ryan_pinkston_. carson is your father. if you aren't insane now, wait a few more years. yeah. carson's been here.

shakira_ripoll. you have a lot of hostility and often hate everyone. you mentioned wanting to kill people and mentioned your friends wanting to kill you. you have often told people to die. your most recent choice of conversation was shoelaces or the r train. we worry that you may be a danger to yourself or others if given shoelaces or riding the r train.

jocz. all of your icons are upside down. this is not usually reason to jump to conclusions and assume you are insane, but we think you may not even have noticed so we are placing you in a cage and running tests on you until further notice.
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