Dr. Doogie Howser (doogie_houser) wrote in mbp_institution,
Dr. Doogie Howser

hugo_weaving_. you asked to be let in but we will admit that updating daily, sometimes multiple times a day, may be cause for attention and maybe you're trying to tell us something.

tony__lovato. six of your icons are keyworded for your husband. you have much hostility for a guy with hair the color of lime jello. you just pimped your brother in your journal and asked people to go have sex with him and that relationship disturbs us.

benjilmadden. six of your icons are keyworded for your husband. you are in a band called good charlotte and your most recent video features yourself lubing up an old lady. you let your mascara and eyeliner run and are too lazy to clean it up. you are a danger to late night talk show hosts.

c_diaz. justin's current beard is you. you are actually dating nick valensi. you did charlie's angels and then signed on for a sequel that was worse than the last austin powers movie. you started a community about having no pants. you worry us.

lavigne. though you may not have been proven to be insane, your songs about sk8er bois and fried chicken ass have driven many people to suicide so you are a danger to others and we want you locked up.

m_moore. you actually thought your new movie would do well when it's a cardboard copy of many teen movies that have come before it and we think you may live in a fantasy world. your sweet, cute exterior alone will not help your ability to act.

kunis. you are currently jumping off a roof because benji madden has no idea who you are. do you know who you're talking about? he has no time to go visit the back track. we are drafting you before you jump off again since until two minutes ago we didn't know who you were either.
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